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Czech culture is known for its combination of progressive, yet pragmatic ideals and a society thick with local pride. The Vesnice (vez-neet-zah) (Czech for “village”) development fully embraces this ethos, utilizing an innovative housing model that fosters a sense of community of all ages, encourages active lifestyles, and celebrates the Czech history of Cedar Rapids. 


The design draws inspiration from the traditional homes found in historic Czech regions of Bohemia and Moravia. Their buildings and homes clustered around the village center, adorned by iconic red tile roofs and connected to small garden spaces for food production. In the 1800s, Czech immigrants settled in the NewBo area, working at nearby meatpacking, wagon works, and oatmeal plants. 


They built a bustling neighborhood along the river, rich in community and evoking memories of home. The Vesnice pulls from this heritage, incorporating aesthetic, functional, and a pragmatic Czech efficiency that has been passed down through generations.


The project builds on the vibrancy of the NewBo area and takes cues and recommendations from the Czech Village/New Bohemia Area Action Plan to increase diversity of housing types and sustainable building practices and operations.


The development is composed of three main components: the Rowhouse (radovka), the Garden Terrace (zahrada), and the Tower (vez). 

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